Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Honesty for all

I didn't receive this award. The wife did this from another blogger and suggested that I should do it as well. So this little bit of honesty will bring some insight into my world for those of you that don't personally know me.

Write a list of ten honest things about yourself.

*I'll try to put some things in there that not many of my closest mates know about me.

1. When I was 18 I stole a sailboat from one of the local marinas with two other friends for a 4 hour joyride and when we brought it back, we helped ourselves to a wide variety of alcohol from other boats on the way back to the car.

2. As a kid I puked in church on some lady sitting in front of me.

3. I worked for a cemetery for one night as a telemarketer selling grave plots.

4. I was in the 1989 inaugural parade for the first President Bush (and so was the wife and my sister in law).

5. My best mate and I rode our bikes to the school in the middle of the nite one time, stripped off our underwear and hung it on the flagpole.

6. All my DVD's and CD's are in alphabetical/chronological order. When opened all the disc are facing upright and I know if someone has been messing around with them before opening them. It's very important that all the media stuff is in proper order.

7. I fed a teacher Ex-Lax chocolate chip cookies.

8. I've posed as a park ranger (uniform and all) with a classmate and we used our "borrowed uniforms and park ranger truck" to drive around to different parks in our area and confiscate alcohol for a party when we were not old enough to legally buy alcohol.

9. I worked on a zombie movie as boom mic operator, portable sound mixer operator, carpenter, production assistant, exec producer, casting extra, facilitator of zombie extras.

10. I'm becoming addicted to tattoos and want to start working on a sleeve.

*side note to the 1st truth: we did not drink and drive. It's worded a bit funny and could be taken that we did. We hid all the alcohol in the car (good thing too since our cars were searched that nite) and drank our treasure when we got back home. As someone who has been hit (head on) by a drunk driver, I do not endorse driving under the influence of anything at any time!

I too am not going to tag anyone. If you read this and want to do the meme feel free. Leave me a comment so I can go check out your post!

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paisley penguin said...

Even I didn't know number 3 and 5. I whoeheartedly endorse number 6!