Sunday, April 19, 2009

Group 2, Gerber and Goodman: Pt II

Thought that I should get something posted up today.

No better place to start than some of the cool shit in the collectors warehouse at Gerber.

If you've ever seen the movie Animal House then this is familiar to you.

The Deathmobile as constructed from a Lincoln Continental.

Back upstairs in the cleaner of the two level are some Porsches just hanging out itching to hit the pavement running again and show off their timeless looks.

Back on the lower level again. There's just so much in here you really don't know where to begin.

One of many business signs/banners posted all over the lower section of Gerber.

Looks fun, but it just can't take the place of the real deal.

I remember these in arcades about 15 years ago.

One of my favs: the classic mini. Quite a hardy little car and I seem to be seeing more of them in Western Washington these days.

I would love to have one as a commuter for work. Sure would make parking easier since most people don't know how to properly parallel park.

This is a tasty little treat in a shop filled with vintage and collectible cars........the lonely motourcycle just sitting here longing for another to be added.

I think a Norton or and old BSA would be perfect sitting next to this Ducati.

Here's an interesting one: the Messerschmidt car. Who knew?

You can actually see one of these in the Addams Family movie toward the end. Cousin It drives one.

Lastly the rare and coveted Ford Rally. Only a handful of these little gems in the world and Gerber just happens to have one hiding out in the lower garage among the other rarities.

Look for the final follow up with the photos of Goodman Racing.

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