Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can we find................our youth, our past

So a friend has recently asked me a question on Facebook. Well maybe more of a suggestion than a question.

Well I haven't seen my friend in close to 20 years. He's living south of me and hasn't really been seen or heard from by much of anyone.

His suggestion is to have road trip with two other friends like we used to do all the time 20 years ago. Damn..........hard to believe that it's been that long. I certainly don't feel my age.

So can 4 almost middle aged guys pull off a road trip similar to days gone by and still find new adventures? I think we can.

We have a prerequisite of things in the works to pull it off though.

Here are a few of the items needed:

  • 1978 Brown VW Rabbit-this was the road trip car back then and no need to jinx ourselves with the wrong car.
  • 4 cup holders big enough for the Super Big Gulp-This was always my best mates drink of choice on the road.
  • 1 duffle bag filled with McDonald's Cheese Burgers-serious. Don't laugh. We used to eat A LOT of McD's on the road.
  • Selection of 80's Hair Bands and New Wave- We were a pretty mixed group. My mate Brian was into metal: Def Leppard,Motley Crue,Winger,White Lion,Van Halen,Ratt,Kiss,Warrant. The other two (Josh and Ryan) were into other music: OMD,Cocteau Twins,Screaming Trees,Skinny Puppy,Revolting Cocks,Black Flag,Social Distortion,KMFDM......you get the idea.I listened to both happily. I like it all.
I will have to take up smoking again for this one. We used to by packs of Dunhills and Export A's for our trips. My favourites (and always will be) are a German brand: Botschafter. What can I say............I love a lot of German products.
(I don't read German but I think it says to smoke this in all German vehicles at high rates of speed)

So far I think Josh and I are serious about it. We'll have to convince the other two. I'm sure they'll want to go.

Road trips also involve collecting trinkets from your travels. Ours always consited of various street signs and flashing construction zone lights. We used to take those little flashing lights apart and paint designs on the inside and reassemble them so the pattern would flash on walls.

One road trip even involved Josh's dad paying Brian and I to take Josh to Oregon and leave him there. We should have charged more than $100.

So can 4 almost middle aged guys pull off a road trip similar to days gone by and still find new adventures? I think we can.


Roland Hulme said...

Oh my God! That would be an AMAZING adventure. You would have to have loads of photos up on your blog - maybe even comparing 'now' to 'then.'

Now... where to get a '79 Rabbit.

I still can't believe they call it a 'Rabbit' in America. It's the Golf in Europe.

paisley penguin said...

I am afraid (Mrs. Kilted Travel Agent). Itwill probably be hilarious!

mre30seattle said...

Oh yes there will be photos. Maybe even video. We are in a more modern age.

Yeah I can't believe that it was ever called the Rabbit for us Yanks. Personally I think the Golf was a better name and that is what I've always called it.