Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My lack of writing lately and October

Well the end of the summer has finally come. I feel as if I haven't got anything to show for it. I did quite a bit, but have yet to post anything about my good weather adventures.

Flog me now and throw me in the brig.

So now that the weather is taking a turn for the worse here in the Pacific Northwest this should provide me with ample time to post about all the things I've seen and done over the past few month.

You've read briefly of the E30 Picnic. You've read of my tough choice to sell my prized little bronze kraut kruiser and head back to the roots of German automotive engineering and lust.

While I consider my next several post I also look toward the coming October. HALLOWEEN! Yes it is my Christmas. The one day that I truly get excited for.

It's not about the dressing up. I do like the idea of puting on a costume, but I don't like to actually do it. I have a few. So this year I'm going to dress up in something that I got last year and didn't get a chance to actually wear as a costume (although I did wear it on a regular basis IRL). I have my official Kevin Smith merchandise Mooby's Fun-Ployee shirt and name tag. This year I will be going out as Randall Graves from Clerks/Clerks II fame.

The thing that really excites me about Halloween is the decorating. I don't get trick or treaters at my home, but I do like to decorate. Apparantly I'm pretty good at it too. Last year a Jehovah's Witness knocked on my door to preach to me about the evils of Halloween and that I would go to hell for celebrating the devil's day. Whatever.

Poor little parishoner is so misguided about Halloween and it's origins. Either way I didn't have the time nor wanted to take the time to explain to him. I just decided that he should know that per the posted signs at each drive to my condo there was no soliciting allowed.

I'm hoping to top last year. Last year was pretty good though. I promise I will keep everyone posted about my Halloween decorating and get to posting my other stuff as well.

cheers all.

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