Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Karma October

So I was thinking the other day that October really has been a great month.

Sure the weather has turned and I'm getting ready to be fairly non-existant for the winter. I can't stand cold weather to be honest. Sure I can do something about it, but that is another post for another time.

Back to the topic at hand. The weather has turned and we've just rolled our good time pieces back an hour over the weekend, and of course trouble with the former Mrs. mother of my kids, but why let little things like that stop me from seeing the good side.

I finally sold my massage table. It was time to part ways. I haven't been doing much massage work in the last few years so I figure that it should finally go to someone that was going to put it to use. The good is that it's no longer taking up space in my place and I've gained a little extra money.

The big one: The Bronze Bitch went away. This was a hard decision as well, but when it came down to it I had no problem seeing it leave. It's in good hands. The buyer will get at least 50,000 miles out of it. Lets face it, most BMW engines are good for about 300k before they need to be replaced and this one is certainly no exception. The good side of this is that I got almost my asking price (short by $300 from what I asked) and now I have the cash for the Porsche that my father in law has offered to me (which has under 200k on it and is older than the BMW I just sold).

One of the last photos of the "Bronze Bitch" I'll ever take

Many little things have come about to make it an especially good month. First off my wonderful wife took me to see Kevin Smith speak at the Benaroya Hall. We got an extra helping of Lunchbox and gift of gab when he blew off his handler and went 45 minutes over his alloted time. He is amazing to listen to. I've read two of his books and watched the first two DVD's with his tour talks. I never get bored of him.

The "small" guy on stage is Kevin Smith......Lunchbox himself.

The nite of my actual birthday was great as well. Not expecting my children to be in attendance I had planned a dinner out to a family style Italian restaurant. Just happens that while I was out walking the dog their mom dropped them off at our home. A very nice surprise and they were able to enjoy Bucca di Beppo with us and our neighbour.

The following evening the Paisley came to pick me up at work (we're good carpoolers!) and one of her Facebook friends had a pair of all access club level tickets to the Seattle Sounders MLS playoff match!!! So after 40 minutes of working our way through 4 miles of downtown traffic and then 3 more miles back to the Paisley's office (where we parked for free) we were on our way to Seattle's first futbol playoff as an MLS club!!!

October was finished off with a Halloween party at our other neighbour's (in the house behind our condo) late nite party. There was a keg and beer-pong and loads of hours de vours. Great neighbours and this is the first we've been able to really socialise with them and get to know them since they moved in over the summer.

As I finish this up November is looking pretty promising. Unfortunately you wont find out about this month until December when I do a follow up.

Cheers all from the KTA.

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