Friday, March 19, 2010

DVD Storage-It finally happened!!!

Wow I can't believe all my DVD's are finally organised!! I have tried to keep everything in a neat and orderly fashion for a number of years. Box sets and films with sequels/trilogies are in one area and organised by alpha and chronoligical. The rest of the films are just alpha arranged.

Being a movie whore my collection has grown. I honestly didn't think I had as many as I do, but all told when I put everything into an excel spreadsheet for inventory (and insurance) purposes it turns out I have 401 DVD's. How can one person watch that many DVD's? As I said, I'm a movie whore.

So in the process of remodeling and decluttering my good wife and I mutually decided after painting the livingroom that we would only put back what was necessary. Perfect. We did just that and we really opened up our living room. When you live in a 900 sq ft condo space is everything.

When we put it back together we left out our blue wingback chair. It was no loss. We bought it in a thrift store for $20 about a year ago. I just sold it last weekend on Craigslist for $35. Still totally worth it at that price. It wasn't ripped or worn out. It just didn't fit literally and figuratively in where we are headed with our remodel and our lives.

This past weekend we ventured out to IKEA and purchased 14 pair of DVD storage racks. What a great find! Once they were all installed we started putting all the DVD's in and now everything is off the floor and out of the old storage system in one neat little area. We gained so much room by using this system. They are relatively cheap as well at $5.99 each.

So now we have room to expand where we didn't have room before and it really makes the room look quite a bit larger than what it really is. This is just the first part of our living room remodel. Next will be to mount the flat panel to the wall and install an IKEA floating shelf system for the componets to free up the space on the wall just to the right of DVD's.

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