Monday, May 10, 2010

Futbol............the only sport.

As many of you don't know I'm a huge futbol fan.

Soccer to you yanks.

Anyway here in Seattle we were blessed with an MLS franchise team last year, the Seattle Sounders.

For the 2009 opening season they brought Seattle to it's first MLS cup match. In the end we did not receive the cup, but we were very proud to have them as our new futbol club.

The 2010 season has started out a bit rough for us. This past weekend the Sounders suffered a massive 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy. No clue if David Beckham was playing that match or not. Sorry.

Well it seems that in lieu of the match, team management has decided that the club did not perform to their fans expectations and wanted to reward the season ticket holders for sticking it out.

The decision: to refund all 32,000 season ticket holders the price of Sunday's match. This refund will actually be a credit towards the cost of the 2011 season tickets. See the news article here.

Bravo Sounders FC for showing some class in a town where mediocrity in sports teams has long been accepted. YOU know how to treat your fans.

I do have one question though. What will you do for those fans in attendance that are not season ticket holders?

I truly believe that if you were in attendance, but not a season ticket holder you should be equally compensated. It's only right. Not everyone can afford to be a season ticket holder.

Still, thank you club management for expecting nothing less than the best from our team and recognising that they weren't at their best yesterday. Looks like the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Seahawks could take a lesson or two from the newest franchise in town.

Now for my proud plug:

Thank you Liverpool FC for pulling up to 2nd in the EPL. You had a few rough spots this season and really pulled through in the end.



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加油-不論如何都期待您的新發表! ........................................

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