Sunday, August 17, 2008

A hotel of a differant kind

So here is where the fam and I stay when we go see my his girlfriends place. It's the original built hotel. It was constructed in 1907. It's had some changes.

In the photo you see here, this is the south end of the building. It used to be the original entrance and had a rather large sitting porch from the photos I've seen of the original build.

Looking at the West side of the building. My dad repainted it a number of years ago and added the lettering. He also installed copper sill plate flashing to each of the windows.

This is the main kitchen. At least the one that gets used the most. This house has four functional and stocked kitchens to choose from.

This used to be a single entry door. The french doors were added about two to three years ago when the main kitchen was remodeled.

This was new last year. They have a hot tub outside, but it wasn't in the best location under a tree.

This two-sided structure was built to house the hot tub and still allow the outside in while keeping the elements off of you while enjoying the hot tub.
There's low level lighting and some deck chairs and even a stand with an ice bucket for a bottle of champagne or whatever.

This is looking past the garden area to the north of the building.

The gate leads to two areas: the grilling area and the gardening tables/storage.

The opening on the left is into the garage workshop and storage area. This also happens to be where the five resident dogs find their food water and bedding when not enjoying the outside.

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Love it Love it Love it, the commentary on the engine ... priceless, the Photos again Great what else can I say. Tres Magnifique