Monday, September 15, 2008

Richard Wright...................A moment of silence please

Richard William Wright

One of my music heroes has died this morning. Richard Wright of Pink Floyd was 65. He was one of the 4 original founding members of this phenomenal psychedelic rock band.

Richard and drummer Nick Mason, bassist Roger Waters, and guitarist Syd Barrett formed Pink Floyd in 1965 after meeting in university in 1964. David Gilmour came in a few years later after it was clear that Syd was having some reality problems brought on by drug use.

I had read on CNN after Syd Barrett's death that the remaining Pink Floyd members had decided that Syd's family should still receive his royalty money even if they paid out of their own pockets. Man that just made me like this band that much more. Even though they had parted with Roger Waters, they could still come together for a mates family and put those differences aside. **DISCLAIMER** I was not able to find the CNN article after some half-assed searching so the information in the above paragraph may not be completely accurate.**

My earliest memory of being exposed to Pink Floyd was about 5. I fell in love with the sound instantly.

Thankfully I was fortunate enough to have seen Pink Floyd in concert (albeit without Roger Waters) and was as blown away as I knew it would be.........the stage, the sound, the lights, the Canadian security at BC Place stadium turning their backs on all the pot smoking (I didn't need to participate as there was enough for all to have a contact high) and of course the one thing that brought the masses together-The Division Bell Tour. The first album tour the band had done since the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour.

I was not disappointed. I had seen my music heroes. It's still so clear in my mind after all this time.

Richard, we'll all miss you here as you play "The Great Gig In The Sky".

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