Monday, September 8, 2008

Will work for cell service

We've all seen them. They are on just about every street corner and freeway on/off ramp. There are so many of them that Circle K and McDonalds could only dream of having this many locations!

Oh what am I talking about you wonder? Those folks that stand out there with the homemade signs asking for money.

Ever wonder how much they bring in every year? I know I do. I also wonder what drives them to the point of standing on a corner with that sign. Did they lose everything to the stock market? Did they lose their job and just reach the end of their rope trying to get their life back in order only to find they had nothing to fall back on?

So over the weekend I took my daughter to get some needed supplies for school and out on the corner from the local Freddies was a man with his dry-erase board (this was a new one with me as I've only seen them with cardboard signs) that says he's disabled and a vet and not able to work and not eligible for un-enjoyment and the list goes on, but that he is capable of still performing manual labour task and will work for food and money.

The typical, right? Not so fast there was one catch peeping this dingy and haggard as he looked he was on his cell phone!!!!

Now it's 80 degrees outside and my windows are down and I hear only part of his conversation, but enough of it to know that this is his regular job (as he tells his caller that he'll be off at 7 and head over for dinner afterward) and that he's doing it right.

So the next time you're in the lovely state of Washington and you see a nicely dressed man in a shirt and tie on the corner of the highway with a sandwich board that reads:
'Divorced dad of 2; ex-wife and state taking me for a ride, Please give' it's just me looking to take advantage of this tax-free high paying job.

BTW- I'll post photos of my little crumbgrabbers on the backside of that sandwich board just to tug at the heartstrings in order to seal the deal..................


Roland Hulme said...


I remember at home in Winchester, a 'homeless' begger got arrested and asked the police if it was okay if he went a put some more money in the meter where his car was parked first!

Celtic Sprite Seeking Knowledge said...

Dude sooooo TRUE!!! for so many. I used to work at HairMasters on Capital hill on Broadway back in the 90's & there was a gal in her 50-60's hanging outside our shop. Same line, same delivery "Got any change on yah" she came into the Shop for a perm & when it was time to pay she pulled out a WAD of 20's I kid you not. Next time I walked by, after her delivery I said "Nope but your hair looks great" Check out my blog I just posted about a delightful Flutist in downtown Seattle who is Honest enough to say "This is my chosen Profession" Keep up the great posting Kilted :)