Saturday, October 18, 2008

Decorating for Halloween................this is MY own Christmas

Well it's been a while sine my last post. I haven't come across anything or done anything in a while that I saw fit to post about.

So Halloween is almost upon us. This is my favourite holiday. It's like my own Christmas.

I happen to be an October baby and celebrate just a few days before Halloween.

Here are some of my fav decorations this year.

On the left here is the SS Bloody Mary. This is my one and only decoration at work. I thought it was appropriate since I work for a cruise line.

I would have decorated more at work like I did last year, but this year I'm taking Halloween off.

This is the McFarlane Headless Horseman from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. I actually leave this out all year round. This combined two of my favourite things: McFarlane figures and my favourite Tim Burton film.

So this is my scarecrow. I wanted something that would be really scary. So being a movie geek and a Halloween freak I went back to Tim Burton on this as well. The face of this scarecrow is the same face that's on the scarecrow in the beginning scene of Sleepy Hollow. I don't have the dark available to me 24/7 to keep it ominous looking, but I do have a fogger to keep things cloudy and mysterious.

This year I picked a cool new Halloween toy. It's called a Webcaster. No it's not an internet tool. Basically it's a hot glue gun with an air hose hookup. So as your hot glue is coming out the front of the gun, you have an air pipe with 120 psi of air shooting that hot glue onto what every you want to form cobwebs.

This is our front door and as you can see I've planted some rather large inhabitants in there.

We live in a condo so we have to get creative. This is one of my wifes planter boxes with some skull fencing and some decayed bones. Don't worry I didn't dig anyone up for this display. This is the Bag O' Bones set from one of the local Halloween stores that sets up near us every year.

They look pretty real and I get a lot of compliments on them from neighbours and visitors.

My wife has been wanting a really creepy looking bust to have out in the house somewhere. We found this one at Michaels, a local craft store.

This one was the coolest and I think the most fitting since it's a vampire. They had some others, but they weren't as cool as this one.

I'm not sure we named him yet. I think he looks like a Montesque or some other kind of creepy sounding name.

Let's face it, Carl the vampire just doesn't bring any fear into my head.

This is the other portion of our mantle. We have some more skulls acting as bookends on some rather scary looking books.

Ok so they're not scary books. We took some of our regular books and took the papercovers off of them so we could sit them out with their regular black spines and covers exposed.

This is one of last years displays. I searched everywhere for a really scary looking pumpkin and finally found this one at a costume and display store near the mall.

So there he sits with my pirate skull and a bottle of Vampire wine in the midst of the fog.

Try the wine. It's really pretty good. Not available in stores year round, but available straight from the vineyard year round.

I really like bats, and this guy is no exception. Again I picked him up in the Halloween store a few miles down the road.

He looks alright just hanging out in a freshly fogged front porch.

Now this sign is hanging on my front door. To my neighbours it means that I know how to decorate. The first time they saw it last Halloween they were kind of freaked out by it.

This year I had a Jehovah's Witness come to my door becuase of it and wanted to tell me all about the word and leave me with some reading materials. Apparantly I really need to be saved for decorating in preparation of a day that we celebrate the dead.

I let him know as politely as possible that I don't need saving or his reading materials and that he should probably leave. He kind of looked like that late nite talk show host, Tom Greene, but dressed in all black.

This is one of my favourite set ups. This is the bar in our dining room.

The only thing wrong here that I would change is the roses. The leaves and the stems shouldn't be as green as they are for being black roses. Bad me for buying them that way, but really who wasn't thinking when they made them?

This is the bookshelf over our garden window. This is kind of cool. We pulled the paper covers off the books so that we would have a bunch of black and brown spined books up there to give it that "old" and creepy look. The rats running around are particularly interesting.

Here is a our gargoyle door knocker.He got in the way when I douched the entry way with the webcaster gun, but then I decided that he should get all covered too.

Have I mentioned that I really love that web gun? It effin' rocks.

This is one of those vintage photos that changes from a normal picture to something scary when you move about the room. It's hanging over the bar.

I think this guy might be related to my uncle Stan somehow. My uncle reminds me of Lurch from the Addams Family.

Well I hope that you all enjoy your Halloween. Decorate and have fun. Go out and scare someone!!!

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