Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Special Halloween Movie Treat........................

As I'm reviewing the blog I just posted about some of my favourite scary movies, my son asks me "hey did you post about The Book Of Zombie" yet?

Well it was on my list, and I just didn't get it posted up there. I'm almost ashamed of myself since this is a film that I actually worked on!!!

This film is not actually out yet. It's currently in post production and ready for our foley artists to take their crack at it and do the sound overs and clean it up on their end.

This is my wife (aka the paisley penguin) on set between takes with one of our actors.

This is our D.P. and another production member, Adam getting set up for the next shot. In the background is one of our actresses and to the left of our D.P. is another soundie that I worked with on the film.

Just me taking a break in between takes. I think this was about 2 or 3 in the morning and I was starting to feel it.

BTW- Our unofficial sponsor on this shoot was Rock Star Energy Drinks. Yum Yum.

This is me and Marcel our special effects/make up guy horsing around on the bar set with machette's. We had just blown a huge amount of fog juice from the smoker and decided we needed to duel. It was an off day so it wasn't a shoot day, but a day of set building instead.

So go to the official website for The Book Of Zombie and check out our trailer and the other fun stuff on the website. There's merchandise and a link to our MySpace Page and a link to our D.P.'s production blog as well. I have that same link to the production blog on my posting page.

We hope to have this released next year in time for Halloween. You need to be patient...........indie film makers only have so much money to get things done unlike the big studios.

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Artemis Irascible said...

Hi there,

Enjoyed your production stills and movie reviews. I'm shocked at the internet-- I can find other filmgeeks that also happen to be Halloween junkies as well!