Thursday, November 27, 2008

A special Thanksgiving message from Ozzy Osbourne

The Oz man here..........the Kilted One has been away from blogging for a bit and he wanted me to put something out to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

This also gave me the chance to put out my own special Thanksgiving message to everyone. I made a sign. I hope you can read it.

Please don't tell PETA on me. Last thing I need is a bunch of animal activists beating down my front gate and picketing my home.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving...............the Kilted One has some time off and will be getting back to some routine blogging soon.


Celtic Sprite Seeking Knowledge said...

hahahaha Good one Kilted Thanks for the giggle.

mre30seattle said...

Look for Ozzy to do more posting when I'm not able to get to it.