Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

So here we are on yet another presidential election. I normally half-ass the information and vote a different manner all together.............usually the way of getting the current elected officials out of office.

This year the wife and I actually spent about 4 hours going over the voters guide that we get in the post and looking at information on line. Maybe it was becuase this was a more important election than ever before.

The last time I can recall an election being this exciting of a time was when Ronald Reagan won the White House in 1980. I know I'm aging myself.

I think that was in part to Walter Mondale choosing Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate. First woman VP candidate. So with Mcain chosing Palin as his really didn't float my preverbiale boat. All it did was to give the country some eye candy to look at. Have you really taken a look at Mcain? I will say one thing about his strategy though. No one in their right mind would assinate Mcain and risk having Sarah Palin as president. Outside of that, not a good choice in my opinion.

Oh yes I did watch the VP debate with Palin and Biden. It seemed to me that Palin was just riding on Mcain's coat tails with her answers. The responses were more of "Mcain's agenda is this" rather than providing her own answers. I just couldn't get past that feeling that there was puppet master somewhere under the stage with a hand up her dress controlling her somehow.

Then I watched the second Presidential debate. It was amusing that Mcain was making a lot of faces and squirming in his seat at Obama's answers. I was almost wondering if maybe Mcain had a hemmoroid and was getting uncomfortable or something. Again not a high point for the Republican party.

Now onto the local scene. Here in Washington state we have to pick another governor. Of course our current Democratic govenor is defending her post against Dino Rossi, the GOP candidate. He did win the 2004 election, but Gregoire cried like a little girl and asked for a recount that last 51 days just to prove that she had won by the narrowest of margins. I really feel for the residents of Florida with this kind of an election debacle on hand.

My wife and I have voted after that 4 hours of time with the voter guide and the internet to fill in the gaps. There was no Republican or Decmocratic decisions across the board in our choices. They were educated decisions that we felt good about and for once felt that our choices really will make differance in how this years elections turn out.

One final note: read your voters guide, use the internet and ask yourself those important questions and get out and vote before your polling station closes.


Roland Hulme said...

"I just couldn't get past that feeling that there was puppet master somewhere under the stage with a hand up her dress controlling her somehow."

And thus, with that initial idea, MrE30's legendary career as a erotic author began...

paisley penguin said...

Erotic author.

Maybe you can get some inspiration with a little something I left on my blog for you.