Monday, December 29, 2008

Kilts...............nothing is worn under there, in fact it's all in working order

As the title says: A Kilted Travel Agent in Seattle.

Why can't I seem to find a blog that has kilts that is up dated on a routine basis?

I thought I found a good one earlier this year, but it hasn't had a posting since August!

I don't have enough knowledge of kilts to post about them on a regular basis. I can post about mine here and now and hope that other searchers will see this and maybe even direct me to some good kilt blogs.

I started wearing a kilt in high school. We were the "Highlanders" and so our mascot was a Scot named Otis and our marching band had a pipe band and highland dancers. Yes, I did join the pipe band and learned how to play. I don't play anymore, but have thought about taking it back up again or maybe just switching over to the highland snare. I have a mate that I played with back in the day that got back into it about 5 years ago and needs a good snare drummer. One of the mosted noted (if not notorious) things this band has done is be part of the 1989 Presidential Inaugural parade (and yes I was there).

Anyway back to the experience. So here is a photo of me (in the pipe band back in the day some 20 years ago!) in a kilt.
*Contest Time!!*

It's very simple: figure out which one I am in the above mentioned photo and I'll send you a copy of my friend's piping cd of his band, Nae Regrets.

Disclaimer: Paisley is exempt from this contest since she is my wife and already knows which one is me in the photo. Sorry luv.

I attend the Pacific Northwest Highland Games and Clan Gathering, kilted of course.

The wife and I did some photos last year at a local park of us and little BJ. I was kilted in those.

For those of you who are lucky/brave enough to be kilted there is one thing wrong with my ensemble this particular day. What is it?

That's right!! I'm wearing my evening (dress) sporan. A day sporan would not be so fancy.

The Paisley and I even had a Scottish wedding. My mate Don piped and a friend of his came and did some highland dancing after the ceremony. We had a traditional afternoon tea served after the ceremony by a traditional teahouse, Piccadilly Circus. This place did a great spread!! They used to be a teahouse exclusively, but they expanded and are now a full service pub as well. Wonder if I'll be allowed to wear my Liverpool Futbol Club shirt in there? Of course the Scottish Flag tattoo on my forearm could really confuse them in there.

Here's a shot of the entire wedding party. Oh and we got married in an old opera house.

Look at all those kilts. I own mine, but the other rented.

My kilt and the rentals were courtesy of North Channel Kilts.

The Piper, the dancer and me.

He will even do requests. The non traditional march in was Flower of Scotland while the very non traditional going out after the ceremony was AC/DC Thunderstruck.

All on pipes. Don is the man.

This is the cake. If you look close enough, you can see a tartan pattern in the dark areas there. Our cake maker photocopied a sash that we ordered for the Paisley of my clan tartan and then transferred it onto sugar paper and placed it on the sides of the cake.

I'd like to give her a plug, but I can't remember who she is. Sorry cake lady.

Here is that yummy afternoon tea service provided by Piccadilly Circus.

And finally, the car. You can just see the driver in the left of the photo. He's also the owner of this lovely 1940 Cadillac limo and of the company that provided it.

Brief history we got from him on the car was that it was originally produced for a family in Michigan that was in the telephone and communications business.

When he received the car, it arrived in 10 crates and needed to be put back together again. The frame rails were from a 1970's era Cadillac and the engine/drivetrain were from a 1960's Cadillac.

This concludes this post on my kilt wearing activities. They almost seem limited. I'll have to make sure that I start including national Tartan day, but then if you're hardcore do you really need a reason?


David said...

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And you are right you don't need a reason to enjoy wearing your kilt.

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paisley penguin said...

My sister is in that photo too! :)

obsession of the week said...

ok I know which one you are. You'd be the one on the right side of the pic in the second row back, with the buckle on the shoulder showing as a full circle. I hope I am right, one thing I can tell which one is DOn as he looks just like now. I didn't even ask Dan about this.

mre30seattle said... win!!! That is indeed me as a young piper.

Good times.