Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Powderama........Seattle Snow 2008

So for about a week and a half now we have been bogged down in snow here in the northwest.

You're thinking "so what about you're snow" and that's cool. I couldn't agree more. What's the big deal about some city that only got on the map thanks to grunge and flannel shirts getting snow?

Since we're between El Nino and La Nina this year our weather is in limbo as far as seasons go. The spring this last year was great. Summer sucked. It wasn't as hot as I like or we're used to around this area and what heat wave we had came and went in 2, 3 weeks tops.

Fall was turning out great. It was pretty mild and I was able to keep wearing sandals and shorts until about 2 weeks ago. What can I say......I really hate pants and shoes. They're both so restrictive. Enough about my fashion sense though, we're here to talk weather!!

So about 2 weeks ago we start getting a nice little arctic blast and it makes things pretty chilly, but it's ok since there's no snow involved. Great. As soon as I think we're in the clear, that's when the "s" word hits. We get a "warning" from the weather folks on the news and their damn doppler radars. The big day comes and nothing!!!

Aha, but the next day when we're not expecting it.........BAM!!! It hits while we're all at work!! We're hosed. It's managable though. The Paisley stays at home and works remotely (lucky little vixen) while I have to trudge it in to the office. It wasn't too bad and I survived like everyone else did.

The real weather treasure came over the weekend when it started snowing Saturday afternoon and just kept going (non-stop) until Sunday nite/Monday morning. WTH!! This is a full on East Coast snow douche we're getting!! I don't mind it, but it's getting old pretty quick. Just having this tidbit of non stop snow and ice makes me appreciate the West coast that much more.

Well as I sit here and create my little weather rant, there's another front moving in that will present us with another dusting of snow overnite and possibly continue into Christmas day.

Bloody lovely. I'm really hating having to bundle for 10 minutes just to get outside.

I'll have to keep you posted on that one when comes through. In the mean time I have some photos of this past weekends little Snow-a-palooza. Enjoy.

Many of you will recognise this little gem from my past postings.

Here is the Bronze Bitch covered in powder.

The neat little thing about this is that the weekend storm had winds up to 100mph in some areas. We only saw winds up to 40 mph.

So even under a carport, nothing was spared.

This is one of the main arterial's North/South through most of the state. This one was taken sometime just after noon.

It almost reminds me of images of some little metropolitan area up in the Yukon Territory or anywhere in the arctic zone really.

Finally, here's a shot of BonJovi. Weird little Puerto Rican dog just loves snow!!

Here he is in little red/black winter jacket (matches mine of course) with a little powder on his nose and tail going just from getting out and playing in the snow.


Roland Hulme said...

NICE CAR! You'd mentioned it before, but what a little gem in the 'flesh!'

mre30seattle said...

Thank you very much M.G.

The chin spoiler is missing in this photo. Waiting for new brackets to re-mount it.