Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Book of Zombie premiere update


FUCKING WOW!!! This was just amazing!!!! The Paisley and I decided we needed to leave a bit early last Friday nite to make sure that we get to the premiere on time.

Along the way I needed to stop for fuel and as I'm holding down the petrol nozzle into Jake's filler I hear a sudden hysterical laughter. It's the Pais, but I can't tell what she's lauging at. Upon asking she points to the corner and what do I see? The best omen I could ever hope to see. Mormons. Yes you heard me......mormons.

Mormons were stalking us before the big premier of The Book of Zombie

This was perfect!! we're on our way to a film about mormon zombies and this was the greatest gift we could receive!!!

When we arrived there was already a line forming for people that were hoping to get tickets at the door. There were a few folks in the will call line. Man what a difference 15 minutes made!! The will call line was at least 20 deep and getting longer and the at-door sales line was getting longer as well.

The venue for the big premiere!!The Pais and the poster!!

There were two shorts prior to our film. The first was Blue Moon Day and The Familiar. I really loved Blue Moon Day !!! So much was done in just 4 minutes. The Book of Zombie was the last to show that nite.

It looked damn sweet on a big screen and the soundtrack put together by our very Adam Gehrke was excellent!!

The real talent lies with the actors and the directors/writers. Here's most of the talent with the Q&A after the showing.

L-R: Dave Preston, Adam Gehrke,Paul Cranefield,Adrew Loviska,Marcel Banks,Erik Van Sant,Adrienne McIain,Larissa Peters. The last dude there was hosting the Q&A.

I'm really glad that I decided to do this. I've never done anything like this before in my life and I certainly hope it won't be the last. This reminded me of what I really enjoy in life and what I should be doing instead of working for the cruise line. It only makes sense. I'm a movie geek and I should be making movies.

Imagine it: The Kilted Movie Maker instead of The Kilted Travel Agent. Still has a good sound to it, yeah.

After the films and the Q&A the Northwest Film Forum had an after party complete with free food and free beer and.......................


Fuzzy boots and all!! There were more of them dancing their little Scandic hearts out, but these two were the closest so they got their photo taken.

So now flash forward to Monday and the announcement was made that The Book of Zombie won an Audience Award. That is great to hear and we hope that there will be many more accolades in it's future.

Next up: Crypticon. If you missed the opportunity to see it at STIFF then here's your chance to see it again. It will show at Crypticon at 3 pm this coming Saturday June 19th if you happen to be in the Everett Washington area. Get an all day pass and enjoy the horror!!!

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