Friday, June 11, 2010

The Book of Zombie Premiere!!!!

Well in just a few short hours, the Paisley and I will be on our way to the North West Film Forum for the premiere of a small indie film we worked on called The Book of Zombie.

This was a project that was started in 2007 as a lunchroom joke between some coworkers at a local tv news station and eventually developed into a story which in turn was turned into a script and just kept steamrolling from there. 

We became involved when one of these newsies (a friend of ours from way back) asked the Paisley if she would like to do costumes and then I came along and ended up working on the production crew and the rest is history I suppose.

One of the best blogs that chronicled the making of this film was put together by our DP. You can follow along here and see just what it took to put this film together. There are somethings that you won't find in there like the super secret ending. No hints just yet!! I think it needs to be out for a while before I discuss it. All I can say is that the writers were just fucking genius with the ending!!

We've had a lot of support from a local radio station and from the followers on the sites Facebook and Twitter pages.

There has been one review that I have seen so far from a paper here in my little corner of the world. Thankfully it doesn't reveal too much. I'm holding out trying to read anything about the film until after I've seen it later tonite.

If you live in or are visiting the western Washington area hopefully you have prepurchased your tickets as tonites venue is sold out and there will be limited tickets available at the box office.

T-minus 6 hours and counting!!!

Taking a break and posing with one of the prop firearms


paisley penguin said...

Tonight is going to be so cool! I am so glad we took this ride together! Love the new backround BTW! Smooch!


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