Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A shift in life

I was a little MIA last week for the few that read me.

I've had some recent revelations in my life and one was that I really no longer enjoy my current job.

That's really all it is right now. A job.

I really do like what I do. I just no longer enjoy the company.

I handle communication to 15 vessels (currently) regarding guests with ADA/disability needs.

In case you haven't been to the Department of Justice sight for ADA, it's not an easy thing. There's a lot to know. It's more than just coding and manifesting intake forms into a spreadsheet and manifesting the ships. There is a lot (no exaggeration) to know when it comes to the ADA and what will make you look like the law abiding company and what will have your ass in a lawsuit faster than Lindsey Lohan can check into rehab to avoid jail again.

Beyond the DOJ website, there is also the Department of Transportation which has their own set of rules as to how the ADA applies to cruise passenger vessels.

With that in mind, I've been feeling underpaid and under appreciated after 9 years. After all, the other part of my job is to put out the fires when another department makes promises regarding said ADA applicability to my vessels when that information is wrong.

Another part of my job is even more unpleasant and I had to do that part of my job today.

I made someone scream and cry and feel helpless. I had to tell someone that their comfort therapy dog was not allowed on board the cruise they were scheduled to take in 15 days because it no longer meets the definition of a service animal according to the newly enhanced definition of a service animal recently released by the DOJ.

It's work not personal, yeah? Then why did I feel like a steamy pile? I didn't make these rules, but I have to enforce them on my vessels.

With that sitting on my conscious, I started reviewing my life and my job last year and the decision is to go back to school again and do what makes me happy.

So what is that? I've narrowed it down to just two things: tattoos and movies.

I've just recently invested in some equipment and and have started tattooing. I've done 3 in the last week and a half. It will be awhile before I'm making any money doing this, but I figure that with my determination I should be starting to make some fair income from this in about 6-8 months.

Now for the movie portion. As many of my readers know, the Paisley and I worked on a local indie film almost 4 years ago. It was a great experience and a natural thing for us as movie geeks. So with that we have been paying off our debts and will continue to do so and in approximately two years or less we'll have everything paid off, except the house and be enrolled in school.

Of course a communication degree doesn't mean a job in the media industry, but I'm not looking (or expecting) to be working on big budget films right away. I would actually be just as happy on an  indie film or something equivalent.

So if my posts seem far and few, just know that I"m not purposely ignoring it, I'm just burning the candle at both ends.


Roland Hulme said...

I used to work in sales and had never been more miserable in my life. One day, I applied for a job doing what I loved - writing - and was lucky enough to get it. I was ASTONISHED how my life turned instantly around.

I guess it makes sense, though - you spend almost as much time at your job as you do at home, so if you don't enjoy it, you're going to be bloody miserable.

If you hate your job, I promise you that the best thing you can possible do is get another one. I think your job and your partner are probably two of the biggest sources of happiness or unhappiness in your life - and the only ones you can control.

You're one of the smartest and coolest people I know, so I'm sure you'll be an enormous success doing what you love. Go for it!

The Dirty Scottish Bastard said...

Thanks Roland!!!

This is really just part one.

Sure in just a few short weeks I've done 3 or 4 tattoos and I've been working on doing some touch-up work on a friend's tattoos, but this is really just the tip.

I've a couple people that can assist me with getting apprenticships in tat shops.

The second phase is to also go back to school again.

I don't know what it is , but it's like something was suddenly awakened in me and told me that I had been doing things wrong all these years and that I should have followed a different path.

I must also admit that being a stickler for proper word usage and punctuation and so on has always made me want to write and reading your blog and your books and the works of others that I have met on line has really inspired me. I do more writing now as an adult than I think I ever wanted to in previous years.

You can be assured that I will be great at tattooing. I plan on attending the local tat convention here this year and I expect that by next year I will be half way through an inernship and pretty well established.

Thank you again for the words and the friendship!! You have definately been a part of the change that has been going on in my life, along with others that I have met on line and IRL. I don't want to sound too "stalker". :-)

I will keep periodic updates as I do more ink work and look for some of my writing to be here in the future as well.