Sunday, June 1, 2008

Futebol-One of the most engaging physical activities on the planet

So Karen and I went to the match at the Quest Field last nite. The Brazil national team and the Canadian National team.

Yes I'm a fan of soccer. Futbol to the rest of the world, soccer to us yanks. Don't worry, I'm sure that it will catch on here eventually. Note to thank Drew Carey for bringing an MLS team to Seattle.

We decided that we would get downtown early to beat the crowd and have a little snack before heading in to watch the match. This was going to be an exciting one in the sense that Brazil had not been in Seattle since 1975, but not so exciting as they were playing the Canadian National team. We all know how that was going to turn out. Even if Brazil sent the "B" squad, we know how that was going to go.

So we get downtown a full hour and a half before the match starts and it's already crazy. We find parking (easy enough) but at a price that really hurt my wallet and my pucker. Note to thank Paul Allen for building a fantastic facility and funding it with over-priced parking.

So we decide to eat at a place called Jimmy's. They have so much alcohol there it's like looking at the bar in the hotel in The Shining and I swear that as I'm sitting there with Karen and drinking our dirty martini's and eating our appetizers that I could see the reflection of Jack Nicholson staring at us and smiling amid the throngs of Brazil fans there to see the match of a lifetime.

No you didn't read that last part wrong. I didn't leave out the Canadian fans b/c I'm biased. Far from it. I love my neighbours to the north. They just didn't happen to be there to support their team. Although before we paid have a years salary for our 4 drinks and plate of 3 appetizers, we did find that there was a fellow wandering around outside in what appeared to be a viking helmet and shorts and a Canadian flag as a makeshift cape. Please note that I did not leave out the part about his shirt on purpose. There was no shirt. I was a little scared at first b/c he was pounding on the glass of the restaurant. I thought that the sight of so many Brazil fans was sending him into a frenzy, but there was no foam coming from his mouth. Turns out the bloke was just trying to get the attention of others to let them know he had arrived to support his country. (insert deity of choice) bless patriotism. He certainly had his going that nite.

Once we were inside (which was quick and easy considering the number of people there) we quickly found the vagabonds that were quick to sell you their souvenirs and take your monthly pittance for it. I bought a Brazil shirt.

I happen to be a Liverpool FC fan. You'll never walk alone.
After the obligatory purchase we proceed to hunt for GOOD beer. That's the problem in Seattle.......we have so many micro brews, but very few are good. First off it has to be DARK. If I can see light through it when I hold it up, it's too light. Porter and Stouts are good. We finally settle on one of the few micro brews available and it's drinkable. We then start to make our way to our seating section and get distracted by a few folks.

First up was a group of Brazil fans. I just needed their picture.

Then there was this Brazil Super Hero. He was cool with his green hair, but his super hero weapon had me puzzled................Was he waiting to squirt condiments on over priced stadium food or was he going to use it on females that he picked up after his favourite team won? No matter. He was there to cheer for his favourite team and squirt something(one) and have a good time doing it.

Then I ran into a fellow Liverpool FC fan. I needed to have his pic for the simple fact of I'm not the only one in Seattle that can appreciate the ONLY Red and White team in Futbol.

Here is Karen posing for me at some point during the match. Hard to say what was going on here. It was 90 minutes of screaming frenzy this evening. The final at the end of the match was Brazil 3- Canada 2.

And then of course there is always some poor schmuck that runs out on the field and plays his retard card. Below is our lucky winner for that opportunity. He apparently was arrested and escorted off the field not for showing his support of Brazil, but because Quest Field security was really in need of publicly humiliating at least one person before the nite was over.

"And the take down is GOOD!!! They have him in cuffs fairly quick. This may be a fan take-down record."

"Hey mom I finally made it on international tv!!! Tell all your friends. Oh and can you get dad to send some bail money?"

So afterwards it was off to Molly Maguires in Ballard for yet another pint of Guinness before heading home to pass out from Futbol Euphoria. Ah yes I was dreaming about it all nite...........well ok I lied about that. I don't know if I dreamed about it since I never remember my dreams, but I will remember the experience and that is the most important thing. Life experiences.

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