Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pushing Dwarfs in public after drinking.........................

So after a very long writing hiatus, I'm still up to no-good as usual. No I'm not some sort of juvenile deviant as the title of this would suggest and nor am I some sort of pub lush.

What I'm talking about is Cirque de Soliel. Karen (my wonderful wife) and I went to see Corteo while it was here in town for our anniversary last month. We had chatted about should we go, should we skip it, should we take the kids or should we go alone.

Well we decided we should go. We have been to the last 3. Next we decided to make it just us. The kids would be at their mom's dwelling that weekend and that was a good thing b/c my daughter didn't really say either way that she wanted to go and my son was not interested. Good enough for me.

Next Karen started looking at what it was going to cost to do this. She decided that she wanted to do the Tapis Rouge package: the top of the line model for everyone out there not familiar with Cirque de Soliel.

This little package was $400 + dollars and now that I've done it, I don't really need to do it again. All though I must say that the parking was totally worth it. Anyone who has ridden in a car with me knows that I like to park as close to my destination as possible. I hate parking so far from a fucking store that it requires a tram ride to get there.

Getting back to b/c of this package we are able to park right next to the entrance (parking fees included in price package, thank you) and arrive one hour prior to start time for cocktails (complimentary thank you) and hors devours. The cocktails were actually Bombary Saphire Martini's ( I love martini's, but honestly they need to be dirty and they need to be vodka) and I believe that there was wine, but when Martini's are being served who cares? Wine takes a back seat to martini's.

After getting our fill of appetizers and free rocket fuel, we get to go and get seated for the show. We have some really cool seats b/c of the package that cost me my second born child. (sorry, not willing to sell the first born just yet). We are about 3-5 rows back from the stage.

The photo attached to this post is my "contraband" photo of the Corteo stage. Apparently we were not allowed to take pictures, but I had already done so before overhearing someone else being told to stop taking photos.

One of the highlights was a part of the show where a dwarf was in a harness attached to some kind of balloon that had her flying all over the inside of the tent. Well she came our way and as she did we gave the lil' gal a push and kept her going to other patrons at the show that day.

It was a good time and I always enjoy the Cirque shows, but this one was the best by far and having the seats so close was really very cool. I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much from further back.

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