Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. E30 and the Tales of the Bronze Bitch

So I picked up this gem of fine german engineering about 2.5 years ago now. This is a 1987 BMW 325 is. The official colour is Bronzeit Beige. It's really faded on the hood/roof/trunk areas.

A quick lesson in BMW's for those that wonder why all the cars have a number instead of a name.

The first number (3) is the body series. The last two digits (25) tell you how many litres the engine is. So this is a 3 series with a 2.5 litre in-line 6 cylinder. So essentially for a little car, it has quite a bit of torque. The "is" stood for "injected sport". This was the top of the line model that was available in country markets that did not get the ever coveted M3 shiped to their shores. Basically.........this car is all that and a bag of chips.

In the photo to the left you can see it as it sat the day that I picked it up. I found it on Craigslist at 1 in the morning and emailed right away. I had a reply by 6 am and was on my way to see it by 10.

Seemed pretty sound when I test drove it with the exception of the front passenger wheelbearing that needed replacing. It made a thunderous noise like a 747 at full throttle on take off.

The exhaust is rather melodic and has a low raspy sound. MMM I like that. It makes you know the car is something fun to drive instead of just transportation to get you from A to B. What fun is that? We spend thousands on cars so they should be fun. This one is.

Now after having owned the car of my dreams for awhile I'm finding that this car hasn't really had the care the previous owner should have given it. I mean the guy was a VP of his company and it's practically falling apart. Sure it has 230k on the clock, but still!!! It's still a VERY strong car and has a lot of life left in it if cared for properly.

To date it's had the following:

Front wheelbearing and hub assembly, new 4 wheel disc brake pads all around (only 5% of the pad left when I picked it up) , new brake caliper (one was dragging), two coolant hoses, thermostat, fan clutch and a Mass Airflow Metre.

Now it turns out that I may need to have more service on the coolant system. Seems I've been smelling coolant for the better part of the week when I do drive the car. It doesn't get driven daily. That is why we buy boring preserve the fun ones.

I feel a bit like Han Solo in that scene in the hangar bay on the Hoth base where he yells at Chewbacca - "I'm trying to get this thing put back together to get us out of here and you're taking her apart". It's really frustrating to have to pick up someone elses mess when they have the money and the resources to care for their things in the first place, but don't. All I can do it piece her back together one stage at a time.

Like Han Solo and his strange love affair for the Millenium Falcon I have that same love affair for my Bronze Bitch (and I mean that in the endearing manner) and feel that one day I will have something to show for all my labour (and the labour of the fine technician named Tan at Europa) that my car will be the pride and joy (not that it isn't already) that I know it can be.

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