Monday, March 30, 2009

Reviving the "rice burner"-Subie Engine install

Well this is the last section on the Paisley's Subaru.

As of last Sunday the engine was in and mounted up to the transmission, but that was about it.

Seems that crawling about on and under cars is not something that agrees with my back anymore.

Thank (insert favourite worship idol here) for Vodka and muscle relaxers.

Thankfully there was help. Marc "Big Red" was the muscle and Dan "The Coach" was the speed. Thanks to these two the work went pretty quick for all our chatter and obviously having the right tools at hand. You can see just two of Dan's tool carts behind them. There are two more just underneath me from where I'm taking this photo and more tools on the otherside of the car. Good thing Dan is a tool pack-rat.

Ah well back to the task at hand. So this is original engine just prior to the boys and I really starting to tear it apart.

In this shot the radiator and fans are already removed. The airbox and pipework is already out as well.

Draining the fluids from the block. This is funny to me since Big Red and I discovered later that we didn't get all the oil out of the block when we set it on it's back so I could get to some of the transmission cooler lines on the bottom of the block.

This is Dan's brand new garage and now my wife's car has christened his floor, which hasn't been sealed yet.

Sorry Dan, when I have my own garage one day you can let your car pee on the floor in return.

Ah!! The hoist is in place and we are ready to pull the engine out!

Fortunately we were able to just unbolt and move the A/C compressor to one side instead of having to let the nasty R-12 refrigerant loose into the ozone. We might not be professionals, but were environment friendly.

That's what is looks like in there!!! It wasn't too bad in there. You can see the oil build up on the bottom of the crossmember there.

It didn't take too long to get crossmember cleaned up and the surrounding areas.

No sense in putting a new (to me) engine into a dirty engine bay.

And here's the new (and gently used) engine up on the chains and getting prepped to get dropped into the engine bay and bolted up.

First order is to get that nasty looking old clutch pressure plate off the block. This one will be going into an automatic tranny model.

Funny thing is we looked for one in a five-speed and just couldn't find one. Now 2 years later there are manual tranny Forester's popping up faster than Wal-Mart can build a new store.

After all was said and done, it came down to one transmission cooler line holding things up. Seems the bloody little hose stressed after being taken off and wouldn't hold a seal when it was put back on.

Sorry to report that once again the Subie pee'd on Coach Dan's new garage floor. I'm just glad that it was small drops and not half the transmission.

It was so good to be able to take the Paisley up to Coach Dan's to pick up her car. It's not totally finished.............we are currently waiting for the money sucking dealership to get in a part that I need to put on the car. We only have three of the four mounting bolts for the A/C compressor on the car. Not a big deal.

We happily drove it to work today. I've missed the heated seated seat and the quiet exhaust. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Bronze Bitch, but there is something to driving that car occasionally instead of daily like we have for the past two months.

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