Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010: The year we hemmorage money

Wow!!! So far 2010 is just flying by!! I realise of course that time moves at the same time that it always, but in figurative manner this month is going by pretty quickly.

It's also been a bit expensive so far as well.

First there was recovering from the shock of having the new car in the shop. It's new to me, but lets face it, a 24 year old car is like an 83 year old human. Things start leaking. such was the case with Jake. For those new readers and the ones that didn't pay attention Jake is a 1986 Porsche 944. So far he has cost me $6000 in repairs and I technically haven't paid my father in law for it yet.

My father in law took it surprisingly well when  I suggested/asked that we negotiate the sale price. He actually felt bad since he didn't realise that poor little Jake needed so much work. Well mechanically that is. There is the body and paint. One fender does have a dimple and the paint is fading after 24 years. This was expense number one.

Now the second expense is our home PC. Seems my 14 year old son has discovered the world of internet pornography. As a man I understand that normal males will tend to wander to such sites at some point in their lives. Hey, I have. The problem lies in two things: he did it from our PC and he went to a site that couldn't be trusted. Yes there are trust worthy adult sites out there. The only way to equate it would be a street corner hooker or a high priced escort service.

So somewhere in his virtual womanising my son managed to pick up a trojan worm. Now I'm not so happy with him.I"m not an IT guy by anymeans, but I do know how to read my virus software (which yes was a bit out of date and the reason this happened) and can find the files and start picking the bits of the virus out of my pc. Of course that means there are now gaps in the information for the os and things are considerably slower and not working right. This has rendered my mozilla browser useless.

The upside is that we had budgeted for a new laptop at the end of the month. Our neighbour found a great deal on an HP. We got some free upgrades and reduced price on additional software and peripheral pieces. The first two items are expected to arrive by tomorrow or Saturday and the actual laptop should ship by next Monday or Tuesday.

As for the old desktop...........well it's going to be stripped and hardware replaced and then the os will be reinstalled and we'll give it to the kids to take to their mom's house. This way they will have something that was made in this century and it will now have safety's to keep the young man from surfing where he shouldnt.

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