Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steampunk Blog

My favourite blogger has started another blog. Roland Hulme at Militant Ginger has just started Steampunk Generation. You will find a link to his blog on the left sidebar or just click here.

What is steampunk?

Glad you asked!

Take today's fun little gadgets and people and place them back in a late 1880's-ish time period and you would have Steampunk. Just take a look at the work of Jules Verne for instance. Read his books and you'll have a better understanding of what steampunk is.

My wife and I joined a local group called the Seattle Steamrats. At first we just started attending the Monday evening get togethers so we could meet other members and get to know them. Some folks come dressed in their period steampunk clothes every week and some do not.

As the Paisley and I continue to add to our wardrobes and participate in the local events held by our group we will post some photos and chat up a bit about the events and fun items.

Here I am last weekend at Gasworks park for a caledar photo shoot organised by a fellow Steamrat member.

Here we have a common Star Wars Jango Fett blaster. This is the before I modified it into a steampunk weapon.

With a little paint and some subtle placement of some bits I added to it and........voila!! One Steam-Fett Blaster.

Well I'm done for now. Please click on Roland's link and enjoy his new blog and if you haven't read him before now please be sure to visit his other blog, Militant Ginger.

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Roland Hulme said...


Oh my God, I knew you guys were awesome, but now you're even MORE awesome. STEAM awesome!