Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So what were your resolutions?

So we all make them and we all break them. That is the nature of New Years resolutions.

I decided that I really would only have three this year. One being of course the stand by "lose weight and eat better" montra.

My other was to make myself more available to others. I started thinking about that becuase I have a friend that is really in a bad way right now. He had a car accident that left his back really out of sorts. This means he hasn't been able to work his regular construction job. He's also working on an addition to his home and that work has ceased as well. He's close to losing his house. I've tried to get any kind of work steered his way to just so he has some kind of money coming in. I recently went and helped him install some insullation in his new garage. I do need to go back and help him finish it up so that we can move to the new upstair bedroom area and get the insullation installed there. Once the insullation is complete then he can get the next inspection done and sheetrock can go in and then he can get a line a credit that will help him and his family through this tight time.

My last one is pretty easy and pretty hard. It's to spend more time writing here. I've been writing here for about two years now. I have to admit there are days where the words just flow and I feel like I've really accomplished something and then there are the other days..................the ones where I sit here and want to write and nothing is happening. No writing. I started really feeling that way about somewhere around last summer.

I really had every intention of posting more musings from my head onto the web for all to see. Most nites after coming home I really don't want to hang out  on a computer after spending all day on one. The other issue is that I would come up with something to write about or read something that I want to comment on and I would not write it down thinking I could remember it and then of course I would.

So hopefully I will be posting on here a minimum of twice a week. It's a big world and there's a lot to share. I hear really funny shit at the office from agents and directs that call in and the *hen-house on the other side of my cubicle.

*note: the "hen-house" is the term that I have given to the row of cubibles on the other side of my department that is filled with mid twenty something single women that fawn over cutesy women things and man-bash.*

So there it is. My three resolutions. I know we're 3 weeks into the new year, but why rush the topic? After all folks need some time to put their resolutions into place and start doing them and get commited to them.

So, how are you doing on your resolutions?

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