Monday, April 19, 2010

The Jake Files: A Day at the Spa

I'll just come right out and say it. Jake is shiny again. After 24 years and who knows how many owners and some obvious neglect, Jake's paint has been partially restored.

He will need new paint. That goes without saying. He just has a reprieve on when it will need to happen.

I went Saturday and picked up some Meguiars Ultimate Compound and some microfibre pads and a bag of baby diaper rags. $22 worth of materials and 3 hours of labour and Jake's exterior was given a new lease on life.

Here is a long shot of the front end. You can see that the left side of the bonnet is red and full of colour while the right side has yet to be treated and is still oxidised and hazy after 24 years.

For a bit of a background on me, prior to being a travel agent I spent 8 years in automotive. Dealerships primarily. VW and Saab specifically. Parts mostly, but there was a time when I was a lot lizzard for a brief moment in time and did detail work.

So naturally I have an appreciation for chemicals that make a car feel as if it's had a day at the spa. The Mequirars is one such product that is available to everyone and is not a dealership secret.

Clearly from the photo above it does what it says it will. After all I'm barely into this car for 6 months and I've got quite a bit of change in it, so it has to look as good as it runs now.

If only Hank Moody would care for his beloved 911 in this manner instead of letting it suffer from his narcissitic, sex fueled and often nefarious life. He might find that even for as much pussy as he gets he could get more if his Stuttgart Steed was clean.

Hank Moody's 911 Cabriolet from Showtime's Californication. It has seen better days. So did mine. There is hope, Hank!!

I promise I will post some cleaner photos of Jake at a later date when I have the time to snap a few, but for now: Jake after a 3 hour compound rub.

You have to admit, for bone stock, that is one sexy looking car.

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