Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Movie Geeks Dream Come True

I'M ON IMDB !!!!!!!

For a quick peek just click here to see The Kilted Travel Agent.

Wow!! It's a very surreal thing. Like the title states: it's a movie geeks dream come true.

It really all started about this time 3 years ago. My wife had received a call from a highschool friend of ours.

He was working as a news director at a local news television station and some coworkers decided that they needed to do something to try and get out of local news. Well maybe they were bored. Who knows really.

So our friend calls the Paisley and ask her if she would like to costume a local indie film. Well one thing led to another and the next thing we knew we were both involved and sitting in on a casting session and getting ready to make a film. The end result after 5 months of filming every Friday evening (after work) until Sunday afternoons, was The Book of Zombie.

Yes you heard correct. The Book of Zombie. My first forray into the film industry is a zombie flick. To see the movie trailer just visit the official website.

Marcel Banks and me horsing around with the fogger and machetes on the set during a break.

I'm glad to have been involved in the making of this film. During the filming I finally came to the realisation of what I wanted out of life. I want to make films. That is what I'm going to do. The little kilted ones are just a few short years to being released into the wild and I plan on going back to school and getting a communications degree and get out of the travel industry and out of this state and get work in the industry.

I'm not picky. Major studio or indie film maker. I'm good with that. In the mean time I'm looking forward and looking to get involved with new projects that I can get involved with between now and the end result.

Taking a break in between shots on the set of the The Book of Zombie. That prop pistol was pretty choice.

So in the next few weeks there will be a final copy of the film being submitted to SIFF and a copy will also be submitted to STIFF. Hopefully it's accepted by one or both.

I"m really excited to be moving into the next stage of my life and really excited that I've actually figured out what I want to do when I grow up!! It's perfect for me.