Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Storage Unit Declutter; Bath Time for Bon Jovi

So the blog has still been hit or miss so far this year. I have written on more of a regular basis than I did last year, but it's still lacking by the terms I had set for myself.

So this past weekend was a busy one. No kids at home this weekend. Thank their mom for that one. Oh well. It was actually nice to have an extra weekend without them. They are at that age where a roll of duct tape across their mouths would be a good idea. They are 15 (16 next month!) and 14. One is emo.

So this past weekend with no one to run after and keep tabs on the Paisley and I were out in our on site storage unit clearing out more clutter from our lives. At our condo every one has an on site storage unit. It's nice to have and not have to rent one somewhere. They vary in size. They were'nt all built equally. Some are bigger than ours and some are smaller. Ours is ok. It's 9'x9' and has a ceiling clearance of about 10'-11'.

There was a time where it just had "stuff" in it. Stuff that had accumulated during the relationship to the first Ms. Kilted One. Some of it she took with her. Good riddence. To both.

So then the wonderful Paisley has lots of stuff. So much that at one point the storage was filled floor to ceiling and right up to the door. Literally. Those days are gone. Due to some purging and some natural disasters (a neighbours water tank leaked into our storage at one point) we've gotten rid of quite a bit.

And here is the (nearly) final results of our labour!! You can actually see the floor. The only thing on the floor is a hand truck, a table with some train track and my R2-D2 soda cooler. There are still more things to get rid of, but they are sitting on the shelf in their own containers and can be sold on eBay in a timely manner now that we can find/get to them easier. This makes me smile. I'm hoping to actually be able to clear up another 1/3 of this space and be able to say that I have room to spare.

The poor little guy sitting in the shower and behaving.

The day started out however with our little Bon Jovi getting a bath. Poor little bugger. He's so good about it. He really needed it done this time too. We recently had to have his anal glands expressed and that really smells and it made him smell.

Funny that we've had him for about 3 years now and we've never had to have that done until now.

There was also a run to our local Goodwill to donate said items that have been purged from our lives for good. I also had a friend that was willing to take a filing cabinet that I've been using as a bed side table for a few years now.

We have accomplished quite a bit in just a few short weeks, but there is still some more to be done. In a few weeks we take a trip down to Oregon to get away for our 6 year anniversary, but when we come back we will be taking on the storage closet on our back porch. That one is getting a bit crowede and could use some clearing out.

Keep watching for updates on the progress.