Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clutter Free Hallway!!!

So some time ago the Paisley and I had decided that we needed to be on a more minimalist track with our lives and our home. Especially since we live in an 812sq ft condo. That doesn't leave a lot of room.

well after a lot of struggle to determine what stays and what goes we were able to reduce the amount of books that we have by a lot. This means that the two big IKEA book cases we had in our hallway have now been reduced down to just one.

Even better is that one book case can now lay on it's side opening up more of our hallway!! No more dark narrow passage. I have been feeling for sometime that I needed a miner's hat with one of those lanterns on it everytime I was making my way from the bedroom to anyplace else in the house.

You can see here from the "before" posting that we had quite a bit of books, but now with the "after" (see photo below) we have loads of room!!!!

It is sad to see so many books go, but you can find them on Amazon if you'd like to provide them with a good home!!

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