Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The dining room muligan

What started out as a conversation about our tastes, likes and common interest lead the Paisley and I to a more in depth discussion about how to decorate our home.

We have been going through our belongings and donating the things that we just don't believe we can sell and setting aside the things that we can sell on line for a bit of cash to aid in pulling ourselves out of the consumer driven credit card debt we've amassed.

In the process of all this we have found out a few things about ourselves. We don't need "stuff" to fill our lives. We now have more rooms in our rooms because of the lack of "stuff". It's amazing how much "stuff" we were able to get into an 812 sq ft condo. Weird. Where were we putting it all?!

With more room in our rooms, that allowed us to view these rooms in a different manner and really take a look at how they are currently decorated.

The dining room is by far the emptiest of the rooms and the easiest to work in. After some discussion and some purussing through some Halloween literature, we came to the conclusion that our decorating style could be Halloween-like in some respect year round and still be everyday presentable.

With such an agreeable decision between us we decided on grey walls and keep our baseboard and crown molding white. 

The furniture will be repainted in all black to offset the look of the room and then the Paisley will add a few colour items to the room with a few things here and there. Look for some photos of the dining room furniture in the coming week or so with it's new look.

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