Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stalking celebrities in Seattle

This has been a record weekend for the Paisley and I. This weekend has brought us two celebrities sightings.

I fournd out Friday afternoon that Dan Akroyd was going to be in town on Saturday to promote his Crystal Head Vodka. We got arrived at the liquor store about 45 minutes before Dan did. He arrived in his Crystal Head RV and got set up in the store pretty quick. Once  he was in and sitting there was no messing around.  

The man Dan reaching for my copy of The Blues Brothers anniversary DVD to sign after signing my 1/2 gallon of Crystal Head.

Here's the Paisley with Dan in an awesome handshake. I had a photo taken as welll or so I thought, but apparently the guy I asked to take the photo couldn't work my camera. Such is life I guess. I know I was there and I have other photos so I'm still happy with the day.

And finally here I am with my 1/2 gallon of Crystal Head. I haven't cracked it open yet. Not sure if I will just yet.

Tonight we stalk Harry Connick Jr. He's in town for a concert at the winery and I got my Paisley some tix for her birthday to go and see him tonight.


Roland Hulme said...

Dan Akroyd's the guy behind that Vodka? Amazing!

mre30seattle said...

He also owns a winery and is a part owner of the distribution company that has the exclusive right to sell Patron Tequila in Canada.