Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blah! *@#! work today.................

Ya every have one of those days where you don't feel motivated at work?

Me too!!!

This is one of those weeks.

Oh I have plenty to do, I just don't really feel the urgency in completing the work. Makes me glad I'm one of the few around here that actually gets an hour for lunch.

To make things worse, it's actually sunny out and almost 70 degrees. The clincher on that is my window looks right out over the Puget Sound.

All I can think about is going home and putting another coat of black paint on the dining room table. I'm thinking about how much left over Halloween decorations that I have left over and not using that I need to take to my friend. He will be so thrilled. We're both Halloween babies, only he was actually born in Halloween and I got shafted arriving 3 days before. No matter. Halloween is still my Christmas.

I'm pre-occupied with getting all my loose materials and parts together in one spot so that I can continue with fabricating more Steampunk weapons. Ask and I will build. This is the first weapon that I made back in July. It was constructed using parts from the now defunct engine from the Paisley's Subaru. Don't worry, I put in a new engine.

Another thing on my mind is a story idea. I started this blog for two reasons: to vent and to learn to be a better writer.

I definitely deliver on the first. I don't see that my writing potential has increased.

I have started on a script idea for a short film. Sorry........that is a secret for now. All will be revealed in time.

Then I thought "I'll write some kind of short erotic story!" since apparently a lot of writers get a start doing some kind of erotic story or whatever. Only problem is that with as filthy and twisted as my mind is, I just don't have a beginning. All I hear is a drumstick tapping on a high hat cymbal and the a narrator stating "and then suddenly the maid walked in". How fucked up is that?

I had a dream last week. Very vivid. NO it wasn't an erotic dream! It was about cruise ships and the effect of having cruise ships calling port in a city and what all those dollars mean to an economy of the cities they call their home port.

Weird I know!!! I told you my mind was very ADD.

Anyway, I have a story idea on that topic.

Anyway. I don't feel motivated right now. I have too much other crap running around in my head like little kids with scissors and jacked up on Pixi-Stix.

I have to go. I have paperwork to process and coffee to get and the last rice krispy treat to nab.

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