Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Aviator

So while the Pais was on line over the weekend a friend had sent her a link to a chair at Restoration Hardaware simply called Aviator.
Constructed of polished aluminum and whiskey aged leather.


Everything curves back into a V formation.

I love the look of this chair. I'm not a fan of modern furnishings at all. I grew up in a house with a plain old white couch and two brown recliners. The walls were institutional white and there was fringed shag room rug.

I get the willies just writing about it.

Someone get me a martini please.

I need to drown that thought.

Even though it doesn't fit with a steampunk themed styling, another piece of furniture that I would love to have, and just might one day when I have my man cave, is a coffin couch from Coffin Couches.
Yes these couches are made from actual mortuary caskets.

The detail on these couches are amazing. Since they are actual caskets that were used for display each of the legs of the couches have a biohazard emblem imprinted in the steel.

These are not cheap pieces of furniture however. The Aviator is priced at $1200 and the coffin couches begin at $3500.

While I don't have access to any caskets, I do have access to seats that can be considered to have an aviation look to them. This has me wondering if I could construct my own Aviator seat for less then $1200 and  have it look similar to what Restoration Hardware has.


paisley penguin said...

I think you should contracut that chair - make it your mission cause I need one too!

The Dirty Scottish Bastard said...

Oh I have an idea on how to make my own version.

I will be working on that one!!