Monday, January 3, 2011

2010- the year in review..............and you thought I was going to say "the year we make contact".

OK so clearly by the title I'm a movie nerd. If you read on a regular (or not so regular) basis then you know that and you know what movie the title is referring to.

As added fun to this post, the first person to contact me with the name of the movie that the blog title references will win one of my many possessions that I've been just giving away.

Well now that that is out of the way let's get this post started.

Where to begin. That's been the question all year. Seems I've been in a writing funk of sorts. I have the desire, but just no motivation. When I am motivated it's always at a time that is not convenient to put something out there. It's all very...............well you get the idea.

It has been a busy year at that. This year saw more major auto repairs. Jake  has proven that he will be a high maintenance bastard until all the work is finished. I bought Jake from my FIL, and after 4 years of ownership he had not taken care of any of the MUCH needed work. That fell to me. Needless to say the pocket book is a bit dry. He still needs more work, but I must admit I've spent more time driving him than I did the Bronze Bitch.

This year saw a fun anniversary get-a-way for the Paisley and I. We actually took the FIL's (new to him) Boxter S to Oregon and stayed at the McMinnamin's hotel in Forest Lawn and took a day trip to McMinnville to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. We also did some wine tasting while in Oregon and took an impromptu trip to the Oregon coast to see the Haystacks from the film The Goonies and then up into Astoria to see more of the shooting locations from The Goonies, Kindergarten Cop and Short Circuit. What an awesome trip.

This year has seen our little Bon Jovi (the dog, not the rockstar) with some health issues. Nothing he couldn't handle, but he's our furry kid and we want him around a long time.

This year FINALLY saw the release of our indie film, The Book of Zombie at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF) where we were an Audience Award Winner. We also premiered at Crypticon and a few other films festivals. Hopefully this will get us the return we need in our investment to get another film started. I am working on a short story for another film.

The Paisley and I have also seen the fact that we do not need to have so much physical stuff in our home for it to be a complete home and to be happy. Clutter begets clutter. Along with eliminating clutter, we co-write on another blog we jointly started to chronicle our decluttering process. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's hard. One thing is we have been learning how less physical clutter also means less mental clutter.

We were also able to attend our first Steam-Con. The Paisley has never been to a con, including a day pass. This was a new experience to her and one that she really enjoyed. We were working as volunteers though, so we missed a lot of the panels we wanted to see. Next year no volunteering!!

So now with 2010 finally wrapped up and put behind us I'm looking forward to 2011 and all that it brings. I have a head start on something that I have always wanted to do and hope to transition to it as a career in the next few years. I have purchased some tattooing equipment and have been getting back into my artwork. I should be up to speed in the next 6 to 8 months. There will be periodic updates on that.

Happy New Year everyone and remember this year to make everything you do count!!!!!

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