Friday, February 12, 2010

Steampunk: It's all about nice clothes and manners.

So I'm having a phone conversation with a coworker of mine the other day. Mostly work related, but some non work items came up.

My coworker Lance is a Seattle Seafair Pirate. He's been involved with them for about 8 years now and really enjoys it. He very much looks the part of a pirate.

Seems he has been told that this current seasons outgoing captain is nominating Lance to be captain when he steps down. While he's honoured that he is being nominated he doesn't want the job. It's a huge leap in responsibility and one that my friend is just not prepared to do with the other organisations that he belongs to in addition to the pirates and is prepared to tender his resignation with the pirates should he indeed be elected.

Lance has recently found that the Paisley and I are steampunkers. He expressed an interest in joining the Seattle Steamrats if he is indeed nominated for captain. As he put it "it's all about nice clothes and manners". I had never really looked at it that way. In a way he is correct.

Manners definately play an important part of our group. It's one of our unwritten rules. Manners do go a long way and it's something that is lacking in most of today's society. I definately notice it when I'm speaking to directs and travel agents daily. I definately notice a lack of manners with my kids. My son in particular. Drivers on the road theses days.............yes. A definate lack of manners.

The nice clothes. Yeah I like that part. They don't have to be nice dressy clothes either. Just some accessory that really cleans up what you're wearing. I have a newsboy cap that I wear daily. I think it makes the rest of what I'm wearing look a little nicer. A lab length coat with some leather gloves is something else that I have and makes the rest of my clothing look nice.

Recenlty the Seattle Steamrats have started a function known as the Traveling Tea Party. It's a traditional afternoon tea held in a different location each month. The Paisley and I have periodically gone out for a traditional tea when we can manage. I think it's a nice addition to the day and really allows one to relax. For our wedding we had a traditional afternoon tea hosted by one of the local teahouses instead of having a standard wedding reception. Beside being a nice touch, I think it went well with our Scottish wedding.

I definately like dressing a bit nicer for no reason. The manners are a perk as well. I have to say that I've never been around such a large group of people with good manners.

I support my friend/coworker in his decision to join the Seattle Steamrats. Nice clothes and manners are a good reason if not for anything else. Steampunk is what you make it and this group definately makes everyone welcome.

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