Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where is your moral compass

I have to get this out.

I'm so pissed at the moment over something that I should not be taking personally.

You see, in my job I communicate the needs of guests with disabilities to our cruise ships. My department also intervenes when a guest requires a wheelchair accessible room to travel on our ships and there are none available. We review all those staterooms marked as such and contact the ones that have not completed and returned our form advising of their specific need.

I have some guests that have been scheduled and waiting for a wheelchair accessible room for a once a year sailing since last May and somehow, another guest has scheduled the stateroom the first guest was waiting for.

So we contacted the agent and let them know that we have someone that requires the ammenaties of the room to be able to travel with us. The reply stated that these other guests require the room as well and they will complete our form to be able to stay in it.

The form was blank. Nothing but a name. Legally we cannot violate ADA and ask a person what their disability is. They have rights. My loophole was that the agent volunteered a physicians lettre stating why. I asked for it to be sent.

What I received back has nothing to do with a disability, but the physician stated that the guest must have a wheelchair accessible room on this cruise. The guest is bringing ZERO mobility equipement!!!!

So now my hands are tied by ADA regulations and our own policies (which are based on ADA rules) and we cannot relocate said guest to another room to allow the first guests who really needs to the room to travel.

Even after pointing out that we have a guest requiring the wheelchair accessible, this guest is unwilling to do the good and morally right thing and move to another room.

I am so bothered by this!! I know it's not personal, but it still bothers me. Where is that guests sense of decency? Where is the physician's decency that provided the letter stating an able bodied person needs a wheelchair accessible room?

Sidestory time kiddies:

I have a friend who was taking his disabled mother grocery shopping a number of years ago. They went in his truck and she had her disabled placard to hang on the mirror.

Just as they were pulling into a disabled space at the store another car zipped right in and parked. The seemingly able bodied driver got out and nearly sprinting to the entrance yelled "sorry I'll only be a minute". He didn't have special plates or a hanging placard.

My friends mother was accepting the fact that she would have to walk further becuase someone was not courteous and took advantage of disabled parking. My friend was not ready to accept this.

He sloppily nudge the front of his truck (a four wheeler on 33" mudders and a lift and suspension kit) against the back of the other car. Moving around to the front of his truck he started pulling out the winch line and reached under this mans car and wrapped the cable around the rear axle. After tightning the winch and getting back in the truck he proceeded to drag this mans car out of the disabled parking and drag it some 150 yards to the opposite end of the parking lot and leave it high centred on a parking curb.

Not sure what happened to the other fellow nor do I care. Some people have no moral compass. Ignorance and lack of manners is a choice, disabilities are not.

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