Friday, August 13, 2010

1967 Thunderbird: Rat Rod nation is calling

So this friend of mine has this car sitting in her driveway.

It came to her through unfortunate circumstances: the death of her dad. She can't sell it the way it sits. No one seems to want it. She doesn't know it's value. So there it sits. It is complete. What's not attached to the car is in the trunk.

So for a few Saturday's we have been going to her home after dark and sitting around the fire in the backyard and chatting and drinking and just enjoying summer. Through all this I have met a very cool man who has a very strong interest in cars as well. Especially Fords.

One night I recently asked my friend if we could rat rod her Thunderbird. She very quickly said "sure go for it". Wow that was a quick answer. Of course I had to ask her again the following day, post alcohol just to make sure the OK still stood. After all it's human nature to do and say dumb-ass things when one's been drinking and then regretted it the following day.

Not the case here. We still have our OK.

So without any further drivel from me, here it is. The winter project. Our rat rod.
I can't really tell if that is blue or if it's primer. Hard to say. I think it's primer.

The hideaway headlight covers still work!! Those can be expensive to replace.

That solid taillight piece could be a bugger to find. There is a small crack in the bottom of the lens where the top of the bumper is pushed in at the center.

I just can't believe what great shape it's in considering what it looks like right now. I can't wait to get going on this one and show it next year. Don't get me wrong, I do love having the 944, but there's just something about a big, heavy American car made before emissions controls and catalytic converters and fuel mileage.

This one will be close to home for me in a few ways. I really got along with and enjoyed her dad's company alot. He loved making hot rods. The other is that my grandfather that passed earlier this year was very much a Ford man and owned a lot of Thunderbirds in his life. In fact, he owned a 1967 Thunderbird 4 door. That one was a one a of a kind. The rear doors on the 1967-1969 Thunderbirds were suicide doors. My grandfather also ordered his with the 429 Thunderjet engine. This one is not as large at only 390

Don't look for too many updates anytime soon on this one. This project will be spread out over the winter, but I promise to revisit this one and show the progress.


paisley penguin said...

Does this make me a Thunderbird widow this winter?

mre30seattle said...

No of course not.