Saturday, August 7, 2010

PNW PCA Picnic: Jake attends a show and shine gathering

So Jake and the Paisley and I crashed a picnic last month.

OK not really. We were invited by my father in law who (unlike me) joined the Porsche Club America (PCA) and had an invite about the member picnic locally at one of the county parks and all were invited to bring the cars, garage queens or not.

Apparently that last part is aimed at Jake. He's no garage queen. In fact he was the roughest boy there. I made him uncomfortable and parked him right up front where he could be seen from the picnic shelter by everyone. I was actually surprised at how many people asked me about him.

The other great thing was that everyone was really nice and didn't look down on me for having a "work in progress" car.

Sure all the other cars there were in pristine order and look like they have their own caretakers, but this one thing was bringing us all together. This was the kind of camaraderie I had been seeking with the BMWCCA for 4 years and had not found. Apparently Bavarian Motour Works loosely translated means "car snob".

We saw some really nice cars and met some nice folks while we were at it.

This is one very nice 914-6

Two 968's: the model after the 944. Jake's younger siblings.

The always elusive 968 Cabriolet

That white GT RS on the end is one mean car!

Jake was one of only two 944's that showed that day, as it was mostly 911's and Boxsters. We still had fun and I can't wait to do a PCA weekend drive.

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