Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Joint Venture Blog!!!

For a few years now the Paisley and I have had our very own blogs chronicling different things in our lives.

I believe hers is way more organised than mine, however.

That kind of leads me to our joint venture. Organisation.

The Pais has been reading a lot of blog lately about minimalisation and we have been clearing our home of unnecessary clutter for a few months now.

I'd have to say we have done a good job in getting rid of things in our life that we just don't need anymore.

I won't go into detail here. That  is the purpose of the new blog. The new one is simply titled: Enuff Stuff: Confessions of our Possessions. I had actually wanted it to read: "Enuff Stuff: True confessions of possession whores" but the Paisley wasn't having any of that!! Not that she is opposed to the word whore (since we freely throw it around in reference to my ex), she was just looking for something that conveyed we are consumer hogs in a more professional sounding manner.

Please take the time to click on over and have a read. This is where you can watch us transform our home and our lives to be more independent of consumerism that we as Americans are driven to believe we need to be.

We will still maintain and continue to write on our seperate blogs. Don't worry. There will always be material to read from your favourite Kilted Agent.

Happy Reading!

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