Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Measuring your friends: part II

So last week I told you the story of a friend former friend that pretty much acted like a child and unfriened me on FB. BOO HOO.

Am I sad? No!

Should I be?  Why should I? He's a big fucking child! You don't do that to people. It's just bad form.

So the Paisley and I went to an anti-Valentine's day party on Saturday and our friend G was there. I decided to ask G if he knew why C had a problem with him. Well  as I suspected, C didn't get to the centre of attention at some point on G's FB page and unfriended him and now thinks that G is rude.

Digging even deeper, G had posted something almost 2 years ago on FB and  at some point C had made a negative comment to another commenter. That individual was offended by C's comment and G had sent C a PM to ask him to not make hurtful comments on his page to others and that he would be deleting C's comment.

C was not able to comprehend that this was an adult request and took offense. He lashed out at G verbally and lashed out on FB at the other commenter.

C is my age and he's acting no older than my 5 year old nephew!!

The best part was that when I saw C two weeks ago and was speaking to him, he could/would not look at me when I spoke to him and he would not respond to me. I might as well have been having a conversation with the dog. Dogs at least look at you and cock their heads when you speak to them if you use just the right tone.

Look, I understand that when a person has a lot of friends that not all their friends are not going to get along. I expect that. It's inevitable. What I can't wrap my mind around is how C has gotten this far in life without gaining the understanding of comprehension and manners and their correlation to each other.

I know enough people that honestly if C wants to act like this then I'm better off without having him as a friend. I'm in a good place where I have positive changes happening in my life for a change and I'm forming positive bonds with people IRL and virtually and I'm so grateful for these people.

So there's the follow up and this is now officially a black card topic. Cherish old friends and look forward to the new ones and forget the ones that show they aren't really your friends. They will only drag you down.

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