Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Word Wednesday

So I kind of thought that it would be fun (and even a little educational) to start something new.

Word Wednesday.

No I'm not talking about "word" as in the newly adapted street slang of the word or even the Micro-Shaft document program.

I'm talking of course about language.

So I thought it would be fun to introduce everyone to a new word every week. After all it's kind of fun to learn something new and we should all strive to expand our vocabulary. The English language is literally the most difficult language to master (or so I had read once) because the same word can have so many different uses which makes it take on a different meaning.

So without any further waiting I present to you the first Word Wednesday's word:

–noun, plural -vi·a  
, -vi·ums.
a slight or invisible exhalation or vapor, especially one that is disagreeable or noxious.

1640–50; < Latin, equivalent to ef- ef- + fluv-, base of fluere to flow ( see effluent) + -ium -ium

ef·flu·vi·al, adjective
I must give credit where it's due.
First of all to  for the definition of course.
I also need to give thanks to author O.M. Grey for posting this word last week on her twitter feed and asking followers to use it in a sentence.
I have to admit that I thought it was fun. I know........word nerd alert.
Shut it now!!!
Believe it or not I'm quite a stickler for spelling, punctuation and proper word usage. Weird since I was not a stand out English student all through school.
So have fun, learn a word a week and use it in casual conversation.

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