Saturday, February 12, 2011

Measuring your friends

Everyone has at least one friend.

If someone tells you that they don't have any friends, well they're full of shit.

I have IRL friends and I have social networking friends.

My IRL friends I have known since I was a child and some I met later on in life through work or social gatherings.

I have, or had I should now say, a friend that I had met through a local steampunk group that I associate with. C is not a member, but his wife is and sometimes he attends events that we hold.

I got to know C shortly after meeting this group and going to events. He's actually a nice enough guy and  I honestly like him. He has never wronged me and he has always been a generous host when I've been to his home. I've provided him with rides when he has needed one.

My one problem with C is that he doesn't like that I am friends with G who is also in the steampunk group.

No shit, yeah. I mean  how old are we?

Not that C doesn't want me to be friends with anyone else because of something weird or anything like that. C just doesn't like G and and when C is privy to the fact that I've been hanging out with G he always has some kind of derogatory comment to make about that fact that I have been.

Periodically C will clear the "friends" list of his FB page of people to "weed out" those that he thinks are not worthy enough to be his friend. One of those times he posted on FB that he "decided to keep one person that he liked even though he is a friend of G".

3 guesses as to who that was, but you'll only need one.

CORRECT! Little ole me!!

I actually found that offensive. Who is he to judge who I am friends with? What the fuck gives him the right to tell me that  I should or should not be friendly with someone based on his like or dislike without any reason provided as to what wrong G may or may not have committed against him? He's a goddamned child!!

Getting on with my point, I was going to send C a message about some iPhone information that I wanted and yet when I tried to send him one through FB I have discovered that I'm no longer his friend. BOO HOO!!

I'll be at G's house this evening for his annual steampunk anti-valentine's day party. I guess this is the evening I find out what all the animosity is about between the two of them.

Well maybe. I might ask and I might not. Maybe I will just leave things as they are. After all G has never once badmouthed C and he has never made derogatory statements to me about the fact that I am friends with C.

I don't know about you, but I would have to say that G is and has always been the better friend. Not that I've questioned it. G doesn't spread drama and C does.

Honestly I'm fine knowing that C has done nothing more than have the equivalent of a temper tantrum. He has shown who he is and that I'm really better not having him in my life.

I don't fucking play games and I don't get baited into other peoples games.

Take heed, if you have an issue with me, then talk to me about it. If you have some sort of weird jealousy with me associating with someone that you don't like, get over it. Not everyone's friends will like each other and get along and I sure as hell don't expect anyone to put me in the middle.

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Roland Hulme said...

You hsd me at "annual steampunk anti-valentine's day party."