Friday, July 16, 2010

Building A Deck: Pt I

So we have a resident in one of the other buildings in our condo that had permission from our former HOA president to have her common area yard pulled apart and professionally landscaped.

Well that just opened up a the Paisley's brain and together we started thinking that we really need to do something to make our backyard our a little personal and make it fit our needs/wants.

We have done some landscaping and trimmed back (severely) a hedge that the landscaping service can't seem to trim on a regular basis.

So now it's time to get someplace to socialise. Let's face it, a 6' X 8' concrete patio just doesn't have enough room to have people gather in nice weather. It's time to build a deck.

The SW corner of the yard is graded for water runoff/drainage and is completely shaded with trees. What this means is that where there should be grass there is only moss. This is a huge turn off to me since I like my grass and I like it trim and green.

The other nite I came home got on the working in the yard clothes and the gloves and started to pull out the moss/sod and pull out root systems and rocks. I still need to finish the clean up and break up the dirt and and then level and grade the area. That should happen today or tomorrw.

Here is the progress to this point:
The start of digging out moss and sod

With all the moss and sod gone and most of the rocks and root systems pulled out.

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