Thursday, July 15, 2010

Steampunk Weapon Build: Fresh from the DSB Workshop

So without any blabbering from me here is a preview of the first steampunk weapon to come out of my workshop.

This little gem was constructed from parts from a 1999 Subaru EJ25 water boxer engine. Mostly. The gauge is from one of my father in laws many previous Studebaker's. The brass connector fittings for the braided hose were just sitting around in a peanut tin on the shelf. The braided hose was found in a drawer at the work bench.

It all started with a cast aluminum coolant pipe.

 Then both the long ends are cut off. I used a Dremel tool. A metal hand saw will do just fine as well.

The opposite end of the pipe is cut off.

Now to add something special. Here is the fuel rail assembly and two injectors from the port side head of the EJ25 donor engine block.

Once it's back in the vice, I can drill the necessary holes to mount the fuel rail and injector assembly to the side the barrel.

This was the first stage of setting it into place. Once the holes were drilled to make sure that it would work in this location the upper holes were left unthreaded to allow the rubber o-rings around the base of the injectors to allow them to rest snug in the holes. The smaller holes though were threaded using an average tap and die set that is in the workshop. I had to make sure that with the injectors being long that I used a pair of long bolts and custom cut a pair of hollow sleeves for the bolts to go through in order for the whole assembly to be mounted on the port side of the barrel.

Jumping ahead a few step, here is the almost finished weapon in the vice with the injector assembly permanently mounted and the fuel line twisted to meet the brass fittings connecting the pipework and the braided line together. Just above the handle you can see I've added an amp-metre as a filler to the hole that is in the cast aluminum pipe where the cars thermostat used to be mounted.

A close up of the gauge.

A view of the topside of the steamy weapon.

It's so close to being finished.

Here it is getting the first coat of copper paint.

This is all I can show you for now. It still has more work coming. I need to get a cap for the bottom of the handle and I'm considering wiring it with some fibre optic lights and a little something to make the gauge show this weapon has a positive charge when the trigger is pulled.

Be on the look out for the finished product soon and start looking for the next weapons project from the DSB Workshop.

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