Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deck Build: Coming to a halt?

It seems that one of my neighbours has taken issue with our deck. The funny part is that we don't know what that issue is. She won't say.

Even in her email to our property management rep she didn't specify.

Here's her email to our representative at the property management company that oversees our condo.

Good morning S and M

cc V

Yesterday K inadvertently told me she was helping the T's build their deck.......
.......and we had a little more mild conversation with me saying they cannot do
that and K saying oh they have permission.....and so on...

So! I am pretty sure I know the answer to this but my question to both of you is
if you remember any conversation etc about this in the past. K seemed to think
it must have been approved by a "previous board". And that their "stack" was fine with

Well, I am not fine with it!!

We simply cannot let this happen.

And I am gathering info I may need to stop it.......help me!

I have spoken with V. She is out of office until about 2pm today, but I will get back with her then.
And I will go around and see what I see....and let you know more when I do.

Thanks, D

It all sounds so urgent yet when I pick through this email I find nothing to back up her urgency in stopping us from builing our deck.

Let me point out that our "stack" she is refering to are the residents that can actually see our yard from their condos. D is not one of them. She lives at the opposite end of the building. In fact the only way for her to see our yard is to leave her unit and actually walk her nosey arse into the backyard and walk all the way down to our end and stand in it.

All of our neighbours that can see the yard have no issue with a small deck being built there and quite often we do have neighbours down to socialise and enjoy our yard in the summer months.

This is the same woman who demands that the animal owners in our condo take their pets off property to do their business. By animal owners she is refering to the DOG owners. As a cat owner she has no problem in letting her bundle of fur outside to piss wherever it pleases.

She also suggested that we ask the landscaping company to use all electric equipement instead of gas powered tools when mowing our grounds and blowing leaves into a containment area becuase for the the 6 hours a month that they are there (every two weeks for 3 hours) she is bothered by the smell of gas and the noise their equipment makes.

My neighbour and I recently fixed some latches on both the garbage kiosks at our condo. Guess who complained about the repair?

YOU GOT IT!!! D!!! She didn't like that one of the four bolts replaced was not uniform to the others.


What I can't believe is that she has to be the only Democrat that is encouraging a nanny state living situation for everyone in our complex.
I will keep the good thoughts that this will blow over and that the rest of the board will see that our deck not only enhances the yard, but that it will somehow increase our property value since where we are placing it can't grow grass. It's a shaded area and all the water run off from the yard in the winter months runs right into that corner causing moss to grow where grass should be growing.

Here's to hoping that this ends well for us.


Roland Hulme said...

Oh, I HATE people like that. I'm against the whole HOA concept anyway, but little Hitlers like her make it twice as bad.

mre30seattle said...

Right you are Roland. We will NEVER move somewhere that has anykind of HOA ever again.

Matter of fact she has only made us realise that we really want to move and may step up our plans from 4 years to 2 years on that.