Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chocolate Covered Bacon

I love to eat.

There are just too many good things in this world to not like eating.

Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike all have that one food that just send us over the edge and makes us want to gorge until we pass out in a food coma.

Mine is bacon.

There is only one thing that could make bacon better. Chocolate.

I had been thinking for a few weeks that I needed to make chocolate covered bacon. This was a totally random idea when it hit me. I'm not sure what prompted it. No, it wasn't marijuana, although you might suspect it was.

It wasn't alcohol either. People don't get the munchies when they drink. They gain karaoke prowess.

I had a bit of time off over the 4th of July weekend and decided to use part of that time to dable with my food Frankenstein. We had just gone to Costco a few days earlier and one of the items we picked up was a twin pack of bacon weighing in at just over 5 lbs.

I wanted to make the whole thing as easy as possible so the chocolate that I used was Saco Dulci dips. It's the easiest chocolate to use for dipping things into and forms a hard shell when it cools. All you do is heat it in the microwave and after about 2 minutes it's ready for dipping.

I had preppared 8 strips of bacon and let it drain to get the excess grease off of it and then cut each piece down into bite sized portions.
Before cutting into bits

The next step is to then dip (quickly I should say before the chocolate starts to cool) the bacon and give it a good coating of chocolate and place it on some wax paper to completely cool.

Once the chocolate has set, in say 10 minutes or less, you then have a tasty little snack that offers the salty-meaty goodness of the bacon and the sweet of the chocolate combined in one neat little package.

Look out Recee's, I'm sure I've just made the next great food product of the 21st century!! I better call Anthony Bourdain to see if he needs an assistant.

It really is good. I plan on trying peppered bacon and a variety of chocolates to make the ultimate chocolate covered bacon.

Just try it if you're in doubt. After all in some countries, pan fried spiders are to die for.

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